Noise Atari Demoparty

Noise Atari demo party 2019 - Košice / Slovakia

Noise Atari demo party 2019 is comming!

When: 18. - 22. 4. 2019 (Traditional Easter Time)

Where: Kosice / Slovakia

Platforms: XL/XE, ST/STE, Falcon 030/060, Jaguar

Other info: Heaps of Atari fun, Bowling, Catering, ... and much more. Ask those who visited Noise 2006 or read reviews.

Stay tuned.

Noise Atari demo party - Košice / Slovakia

We have decided that Noise Atari demo party 2011 will not be organized :(

We are still thinking about organizing Noise Atari demo party 2012. But it will be hard as results of voting 2011 were not good.

Results of voting were as followed:

  • (22/67) I will attend, I don't mind Easter or other party dates
  • (13/67) I would attend but I can't due to Easter
  • (6/67) I would attend but I will attend other party
  • (12/67) I would attend but it's far away
  • (5/67) I have really no idea
  • (9/67) I will not attend for some other reason

Noise Atari demo party is comming as traditional Eastern Atari demoparty. Latest news:

  • Noise website was open.
  • date: 21. - 25. April 2011 (Thursday to Monday)
  • Please vote

If you have any questions please contact us at: